Cyndi Maitri owner and massage therpist, Westlake Massage & Spa

Cyndi Maitri, Westlake Massage & Spa

Welcome to Cyndi Maitri’s Westlake Massage & Spa on the Web.

As a massage therapist, I have been privileged to serve the good people of Smith Mountain Lake since 2004. I established my massage and spa within Westlake Chiropractic alongside the region’s most skilled chiropractor, Bradford Herlehy, with the intention to ceaselessly develop my knowledge and skills in therapeutic massage and do all I can to promote the well-being of my clients.
My mission is simple: through multiple modes of massage and body work, I extend relief to those afflicted with muscular pain and provide the most relaxing and refreshing massage one can find.
In addition to deep tissue and Swedish massage, I am pleased to offer hot stone massage, Reiki, cupping,  and soothing spa treatments. Each treatment combined the customer’s choice of essential oil or other aromatherapy. I also offer the Rain Drop technique using the best oils in the world, Young Living oils.

Many years of experience and dedication have rewarded me with Smith Mountain Laker Magazine honors for six consecutive years. In 2007, Westlake Massage & Spa was given the gold for “Best Place to Pamper Yourself” at Smith Mountain Lake. In 2008 voters endowed Westlake Massage & Spa with the platinum award in the same category. 2009, 2010 and 2011 saw Westlake Massage & Spa again awarded platinum, this time in Laker Magazine’s “The Best of Smith Mountain Lake” category, “Best Day Spa and Skin Care.” Even in the confusion of an ever-increasing number of businesses at the lake with names closely resembling “Westlake Massage & Spa,” I was still rewarded with the gold in 2012 for Smith Mountain Lake’s Best Day Spa and Skin Care.
I sincerely thank you all for your kindness, confidence and support. I look forward to meeting those I have yet to serve, and promise to continue to work hard to bring you the most satisfying massage experience in the Smith Mountain Lake area.
By the way, my latest addition is the most reasonable Smith Mountain Lake “rental” around, just check out the incredible Amethyst BioMat on the Services/Prices and Amethyst BioMat pages!

Health and happiness to all,

Cyndi Maitri

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Raindrop Technique Using exclusive Young Living oils

Raindrop Technique using exclusive Young Living Oils

I now offer the Raindrop Technique by Young Living Oils.

It is an aromatherapy technique using pure essential oils on the spine and also the feet. The traditional raindrop technique uses: Valor (blend), Thyme, Oregano, Cypress, Wintergreen, Basil, Peppermint and Marjoram, but you may tailor your own experience with use of my aromatherapy desk reference for specific ailments, or even mood.

Client feedback to this treatment has been overwhelingly positive. Because Young Living oils are pure oils there is a risk of skin irritation, the safest way to see if this technique will be tolerable for you is to request test drops before you book for the full treatment.
Just ask me during your next massage for a mini treatment, I offer this pre-test free with any massage.
People that are more at risk for a skin reaction are: people with known allergies, history of asthma, eczema, psoriasis, fair haired, light skinned and those with a history of multiple allergies and medical complications. The pre- test will be two drops of full strength oil on one area.

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